When Dr. Pepper Snapple Group went looking for new office space, their criteria was simple, natural light, space reflecting their youthful and collaborative culture and lastly, expressing their multiple brands.

Tilsley Architects worked collaboratively with Lopez Studio Group who was instrumental in developing the design.

With a changing workforce and business model, Dr. Pepper needed to evolve from a traditional way of working which was very insular and autonomous, to a creative, open and collaborative environment.

The goal was to communicate a consistent branded message with inspirational, engaging and powerful content to create a unique and memorable experience.

The DPS brand, with all its rich history and playful content, was the inspiration for all design elements. All finishes and materials were selected to showcase the corporate color palette and reinforce the brand:

  • Dr. Pepper’s famous 10.2.4 slogan was reinterpreted as wayfinding for meeting signage.
  • War Room table top, consisting of recycled green glass, represent 7UP, one of the corporate brands.
  • Let’s Play represents Getting Kids Active, company’s initiative of building 2,000 playgrounds — helping five million kids get active.
  • Reception artwork is a reminder of the company’s Sustainability in Action initiative.
  • Flavored to Win speaks to company’s drive and business.

The project, approximately 8,500 square feet of space, is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.


January 10, 2017


Dr. Pepper Snapple