Project Manager

Jay came to the firm in April 2000 after working for the Kroger company in their store planning division. As a mathematical and systematically minded designer, Jay takes pride in decoding details and how building elements work together to create a harmonious design solution. In his 17 years at Tilsley Architects, Jay has worked on more than 130 restaurants, ranging in size and complexity. This experience has enabled him to perfect his skills in all aspects of restaurant design and become an expert at combining comprehensive and detailed sets of construction documents. Jay’s expertise is not exclusive to architectural phases of the project. He is also well versed in HVAC, electric, and plumbing portions of a project and offers those services for clients.

While Jay’s primary focus has been restaurant work, he has also been a essential figure in other types of projects including office renovations, retail center, industrial housing and hillside residential projects. As a key player with Tilsley Architects, Jay has helped build the technical capabilities of the firm and takes pride in molding this business into the 21st century. Jay’s organizational and thoroughly processed methods have been an essential ingredient in the firms success on a day-to-day basis.