As a young designer, Allison has a strong interest in exploring new ideas and expanding her knowledge of the profession. While form and function are the basis of classroom culture, as a student, Allison strove to discover how civilian culture, environment and procedure extrapolate to real life spaces. Before graduating from college, her interests led her to a country in rural Africa where she lived and fully immersed herself in the culture to meticulously study the natural lifestyle of the native people. That experience gave her the opportunity to design and build a sustainable home without the use of modern-day machinery. This space was also self-sufficient and was completely void of plumbing, electrical and mechanical luxuries of the modern world.

After graduating from Miami University in 2011 with a professional degree in architecture, Allison worked for a couple of Cincinnati firms working in the commercial and retail studios but has finally found her niche with Tilsley Architects. Since starting at the firm Allison has worked on high profile projects in the hospitality, residential, workplace and commercial fields. Her favorite time has been on the brewery design team.