MadTree 2.0 is a multi-faceted adaptive reuse project for MadTree Brewing Company. The 4.7-acre site was previously a RockTenn paper mill location from the 1940s until 2014. Approximately 90 percent of the existing site and 100 percent of the structures at the time of the property purchase were either modified or removed for the project.

The site’s iconic 40-foot tall Quonset hut was used for shipping and storage for RockTenn but has been converted to house MadTree’s expanded brewery and canning operation. Changes to the hut’s structural integrity were upgraded and thermally insulated to hold the brewery’s equipment. A wall of glass allows for views into the brewery from the street. Paint and interior lighting create a bright environment that glows in the evenings.

The RockTenn’s two-story office and warehouse building was converted to accommodate MadTree’s new offices, barrel warehouse, restrooms, an event rental venue, and a restaurant tenant, Catch-A-Fire Pizza. Between the office structure and Quonset hut, a large beer garden is situated beneath the last remnants of original steel framing, buffered from the street by the original brick facade and backed up by a new one-story tap room.

The design of the tap room and beer garden pays homage to the site’s industrial past, as well as MadTree’s original warehouse brewery (MadTree 1.0). Exposed steel framing and roof structure, steel roof, tones of gray, stained wood, raw concrete, industrial lighting and overhead doors for windows all contribute to the warehouse feel. The interior bar is highlighted by a sea of hanging lights and wires, adding sparkle and drama to the bar’s stainless steel tap wall.


May 3, 2016


MadTree Brewery


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