MadTree Brewery is now an award winning project, please see our winning entry here!

MadTree Brewing, one of the fastest growing craft breweries in Cincinnati needed a new home in order to keep up with demand. With a strong commitment and loyalty to staying in the same community where they began, they embarked on a search for a new facility. A 100-year-old industrial manufacturing plant that had recently been shuttered was the perfect site.

Originally a maker of railroad switchgear, the plant was subsequently sold to a paper mill. Many additions were added to the facility over the years creating a labyrinth of interconnected structures. In addition, a Quonset hut with a clear span of over 110 feet and ceiling height of 50 feet was part of the complex.

The Quonset hut lent itself to be the location of the brewing operation; the real challenge was how to modify the rest of the facility in order to accommodate programmatic needs. The team selectively demolished portions of the plant and constructed a new structure, which knit the facility, back together. This addition bridged the gap between the Brewery and centralized the Main Entry.

Once demolition began, the opportunity to keep the existing skeletal structure and the original brick facade became an obvious solution and a perfect backdrop for the Beer Garden. The double sided bar services both the Tap Room and the Beer Garden creating a sense of a single unified space.

Authentic and raw material were used evoking the industrial language of the original structure. Repurposing the existing structure and their desire to save the property by turning it into a vibrant and engaging facility that the community embraces and calls their own, reflect the core values of the owners. As they say at Madtree, “Beer Builds Community and Community Builds Beer”.